Transformation or Bust

When Hustling Tickets and Contributions is Just Not Cutting it Anymore

A thought-provoking keynote by Diana Ragsdale about how embracing the market will move arts organisations further away from meaningfully connecting with communities. She calls for transformative engagement “meaning engagement with the community that changes the way your organization thinks and what it does”and offers 5 ways to achieve this:

  • Let the community back in.
  • Practice radical hospitality.
  • Be the kitchen table, be the camp fire.
  • Focus on impact rather than size.
  • Create scaffolds of meaning-making rather than money-making.

She suggests to ponder this question sometime:
“What are you laboring for that transcends your organization and your position within it—what values, goals, or progress in the world? Indeed, what are we all laboring for in the arts? What’s the change we want to see?”

Author: sabine.doolin

Strategy consultant working with the cultural sector

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