Nui te kōrero – the big conversation about diversity

A day exploring diversity and inclusion in the arts in NZ

I spent an inspiring day at Nui te Kōrero – the big conversation about diversity, hosted by Creative New Zealand.

Here are some of the thoughts and quotes from the various presentations, discussions and conversations that resonated most with me:

  • There is a reluctance by organisations to articulate who they serve. What does the audience need to look like in the future?
  • Organisations need to own up to who they are, what their audience and staff profile is (and linked to above – what they want it to be).
  • To change programming, but to programme work not as a diversity initiative but because it’s great work and for any audience.
  • How can we reculture commerce rather than commercialise culture?
  • Working with communities needs to be reciprocal – what does the community gain?
  • To change diversity we need to have uncomfortable conversations, get out of our comfort zone, dismantle existing structures. Embracing change.
  • To create a culture of diversity in our organisations (although I would rather call it “a culture of inclusion”).
  • But let’s not over-complicate diversity, let’s go and make it happen.
  • Diversity is personal – it is about the future we want to see.

Now I am thinking about my own practice and my clients in regards to the final question we were left with: “What will you do to advance your work in the diversity area?”



Image: © CreativeNZ

Author: sabine.doolin

Strategy consultant working with the cultural sector

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