New resource: Circuit – connecting young people and art

A 4-year initiative led by Tate

The big, green Circuit book has made it all the way from Tate to Auckland – thanks Tate Young People Programme Team!

The book is a legacy of the Circuit programme, a 4-year initiative to connect young people (15-25) with art, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and led by Tate and the wonderful Mark Miller.

The four Tate Galleries and six regional art galleries worked with their youth panels and youth organisations. It made the galleries think differently and learn about what they can offer young people, what culture means to young people and what role arts organisations can play for them – and the other way round.

I was involved in some of the strategies, activities and evaluation at the time.

The book brings together insights from the programme through essays, articles, quotes, evaluation results and reflections. And it shows how much can be achieved with longer term resources thanks to a committed funder.

A wonderful resource for practitioners working with young people.

More about the Circuit programme can be found here:

Author: sabine.doolin

Strategy consultant working with the cultural sector

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