Why organisations need data advocates (2/4)

2/4 of Colleen Dilenschneider’s steps to a data informed cultural organisation

Here is step 2 of Colleen Dilenschneider’s path to becoming a data informed cultural organisation: Data interpretation.

From my experience working at Tate, I support the suggested need for data advocates 100%. Research and data alone are not enough to become data informed, you need to bring the data to life. It requires a lot activation to get people to understand, embrace and eventually act on research findings.

Investing in insight is great, but investing in its activation will get you the return.

As Colleen suggests, data needs:

  • an insider, who knows what the findings mean
  • a storyteller, who shares the story that the data tells
  • a translator, so it isn’t misunderstood
  • a champion, so it is kept front and centre

Read more about The Few, The Proud, The Nerdy – Why Your Organization Needs Data Advocates

Author: sabine.doolin

Strategy consultant working with the cultural sector

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