100 years of art “as the food and meaning of life”

Despite the challenges of the coronavirus, the Salzburg Festival went ahead in August, celebrating its 100th anniversary. Shortened and with a carefully managed health and safety plan, 76,000 visitors were welcomed to 110 performances in 8 venues throughout August – an amazing achievement in current times. 

The Salzburg Festival is a leading classical music and theatre festival founded just after the First World War in a time of depression. Their founder “Max Reinhardt was convinced that only the arts could reconcile the people, even peoples, whom war had driven into battle against one another. – Art not as decoration, but as the food and meaning of life.” It looks like the current times are putting this conviction to the test. 

The Festival’s final report summarises their approach to running the festival in 2020. 

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Author: sabine.doolin

Strategy consultant working with the cultural sector

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