How can arts organisations assist community recovery?

As part of its audience research around Covid, an Australian study asked audiences an interesting question: What role can arts and culture organisations play in your community, to assist with recovery from the pandemic?

Six themes emerged:

  • Place: Arts and culture helping to reanimate public places.
  • Connect: Reconnecting people with others.
  • Escapism: “Safe places which can create an escape from what is happening outside in the real world and inside in the mental health world.”
  • Heal: Arts and culture helping to heal and to process difficult events.
  • Transform: “…provide community forums for meeting people, sharing resources and stories. They can encourage participation in current affairs and culture.”
  • Remodel: Offering learning opportunities and sharing skills, resources and experiences. And people felt that it’s not just about arts and culture organisations helping communities recover, but also vice versa, e.g. the public helping artists.

You can explore the data and a selection of insightful quotes from participants on Visions for Culture.

Author: sabine.doolin

Strategy consultant working with the cultural sector

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