Memberships under threat

Arts organisations in the UK see their memberships plummeting due to the pandemic. Transactional memberships worked as long as the offer/product (such as free access or members rooms) were available, but are under threat due to lockdowns. Why members might leave you – and what you can do about it suggests to adapt by understanding members’ needs, offering different membership types and expanding reach with digital means – good suggestions to tackle the threat in the short to medium term.

Longer term my experience is that memberships that take a relationship approach rather than a product-focused or transactional approach can be more resilient. Members have more of an understanding of and a stake in the organisation and not only want to use your offer, but support you. 

MHM offers a practical roadmap for membership renewal. One of its elements explores this transaction – relationship axis, asking “Are you speaking to members as clients or patrons?” 

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Image: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Author: sabine.doolin

Strategy consultant working with the cultural sector

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