The real competition for cultural organisations

Who are you thinking of as competition?

Often fellow cultural organisations come to mind first, but more likely it is other leisure pursuits. And increasingly – the couch.

People are spending less time outside the home, a trend that has already developed before the pandemic. However, when at home, they are still out-of-home as they spend time on the web.

This data from the US shows the growth of the proportion of people who prefer to stay home and finds that “the preference to stay home over the weekend has grown a staggering 60%” among high-propensity culture visitors in the last 10 years. Leaving the question – how to engage people on the couch or tempt them off the couch into arts venues once in a while?

Image: Morgan Vander Hart on Unsplash

Author: sabine.doolin

Strategy consultant working with the cultural sector

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