Insight – Strategy – Activation

Cultural organisations are for visitors as much as for artists, historians and culture professionals – in fact they only come to life with an audience. And as funding challenges grow it is more important than ever to attract, inspire and delight visitors – audience focus is essential for organisations to thrive in the 21st century.

With a strong belief in the value of art for society, curious about what diverse audiences think and how organisations work, I set up InsightUnlocked to support cultural organisations to unlock their audience potential.

Audience research needs to provide insight that is acted upon so to deliver outcomes for visitors. Diversity not only adds richness to the world but an inclusive culture is essential for organisations’ long-term sustainability. As is a rigorously strategic approach and collaboration across functions. This might call for some culture change for organisations.

service model

Through a combination of insight, strategy and activation, InsightUnlocked works with you and your team to unlock your audience potential:

Understand needs, opportunities, challenges or gaps 

  • Review of documents, project materials and context
  • Data review (incl. audience research review)
  • Staff and/or stakeholder consultation
  • Audience research needs analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Feasibility analysis

Turn insight into strategy that aligns with your purpose

  • Strategic review and recommendations for plans or projects
  • Strategic plan
  • Refreshing and linking to your purpose and vision
  • Defining success and its measures
  • Audience development strategy and pathway
  • Strategic briefs for audience research or other projects

Activate the team to turn your strategy into action

  • Developing an activation plan
  • Engaging and motivating staff across functions and/or stakeholders
  • Workshop facilitation, training sessions, presentations
  • Developing a strategic narrative
  • Internal communications

Reference projects

  • Christchurch Art Gallery: Developing an audience strategy and activating it across the organisation
  • MOTAT: Developing an audience development and research framework, defining strategic target audiences, insight activation
  • Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre: Presentation and facilitated discussion with the Gallery’s Council management (‘opportunities and challenges for 21st century museums’)
  • Museums Wellington: Feasibility study for the Cable Car Museum
  • Auckland Council: Strategic Review of Papakura Museum
  • Tim Bray Productions: Strategic Plan for the theatre company


Unlocking insight – unlocking change – unlocking audiences