Insight – Strategy – Activation

Curious about what audiences think and how organisations work, I see the role of audience research to provide audience understanding and insight that is acted upon so to deliver outcomes for visitors. I believe that diversity not only adds richness to the world but that a diverse audience and an inclusive culture are essential for organisations’ long-term sustainability. As is a rigorously strategic approach. This might call for some culture change for organisations.

Through a combination of insight, strategy and activation, InsightUnlocked works with you to unlock your audience potential:

service model

Understand the needs, opportunities, challenges or gaps in your audience development or other project

  • Review of documents, project materials and context
  • Data review (incl. audience research review)
  • Staff and/or stakeholder consultation
  • Audience research needs analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Feasibility analysis

Turn insight into strategy that aligns with your purpose

  • Strategic recommendations for plans or projects
  • Linking to purpose and vision
  • Defining success and its measures
  • Audience development strategy and pathway
  • Strategic briefs for audience research or other projects

Activate the team to turn your strategy into action

  • Developing an activation plan
  • Engaging and motivating staff and/or stakeholders
  • Workshop facilitation, training sessions, presentations
  • Developing a strategic narrative
  • Internal communications


Reference projects

  • Christchurch Art Gallery: Developing an audience strategy and activating it across the organisation
  • MOTAT: Developing an audience development and research framework
  • Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre: Presentation and facilitated discussion with the Gallery’s Council management (‘opportunities and challenges for 21st century museums’)
  • Museums Wellington: Feasibility study for the Cable Car Museum


Unlocking insight – unlocking change – unlocking audiences

InsightUnlocked Limited (company number 6195468), trading as “InsightUnlocked”.