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Sabine is an exceptionally talented strategist. She has a rare ability to see the big picture and pull together all the practical and tactical details to affect change. Her knowledge of audience insight is outstanding, and she is a pleasure to work with. She had a significant impact at Tate on our audience strategy and business success.

Claire Eva, Director of Brand and Communications, 14-18 NOW (formerly Head of Marketing & Audience, Tate)

Sabine is one of the most insightful, professional and strategic people I have worked with. Not only she commands marketing research and insights but she successfully translates them into culture change programmes. She champions organisational change and understands behaviour and attitudinal change and what makes organisations move successfully in their audience journey. I worked with her for six years at Tate and I always looked to Sabine for her insights and support. She is truly collaborative and believes passionately in putting audiences and customers centre stage. 

Vilma Nikolaidou, Head of Organisational Development, Tate

Sabine worked across wide range of art and audience focus projects and programmes to provide rigorous research and insight to develop successful connection with new audience across Tate Britain and Tate Moderns young people’s programmes. Sabine would be a great asset to any company or organisation.

Mark Miller, Young People’s Programme Tate Modern and Tate Britain


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