Insight – Strategy – Activation

service model

Through a combination of insight, strategy and activation, InsightUnlocked works with you and your team to unlock the audience potential of your organisation:


Understanding your audience and bringing your research to life

  • Review of research, data and context
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • SWOT and scoping opportunities
  • Making more of your existing research
  • Identifying your audience research needs or gaps
  • Developing a research brief


Turning your insight into strategies that align with your purpose

  • Strategic review and recommendations
  • Strategic planning
  • Audience development strategy
  • Workshops to articulate strategy
  • Linking strategy to purpose and vision (refreshing these if needed)
  • Defining success and its measures


Activating your team to move from insight and strategy to action

  • Developing an activation plan
  • Engaging and motivating staff across functions
  • Workshop facilitation, training sessions, presentations
  • Internal communication
  • Project management and follow-up
  • Capability building

In addition, I offer Tear Up the Audience Rulebook©: A transformational workshop programme for placing audiences at the centre of your organisation, developed and facilitated in collaboration with Sally Manuireva.
Read more about it here, download the leaflet or get in touch.

Reference projects are set out below. Services can be applied in combination or individually, always depending on your needs. For a free, no-obligation conversation to explore your situation and how I can support you, please get in touch.

Reference projects

  • Christchurch Art Gallery: Developed an audience strategy and activated it across the organisation
  • Museum of Transport and Technology: Developed an audience development and research framework; activated audience insight; identified strategic target audiences; developed a 5-year visitor experience plan
  • Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre: Presentation and facilitated discussion with the Gallery’s Council management (‘opportunities and challenges for 21st century museums’)
  • Museums Wellington: Feasibility study for the Cable Car Museum
  • Auckland Council: Strategic Review of Papakura Museum
  • Tim Bray Theatre Company: Strategic Plan
  • University of Auckland: ArtWorks© creativity workshops with university library staff
  • Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra: Tear up the audience rule book© workshop
Photo by Crystal710 from Pixabay

Unlocking insight – unlocking strategy – unlocking audiences