ArtWorks creativity workshops ©

Inspire your team’s creativity, collaboration and well-being through art

Creativity is more important than ever in all areas of life and creative potential is within all of us – artists hold keys to unlocking it.

ArtWorks creativity workshops are a fresh way of inspiring creativity, promoting collaboration and boosting well-being by engaging teams in discussing and making art.

Led by a practising artist, the workshops explore the core skills of artists – creativity, experimentation and expression. They aim to give a release from the daily work environment, to inspire new ways of thinking and for a team get to know each other in a different way. No artistic experience is required. 


  • Creativity: Gain creative approaches and insights inspired by artists
  • Collaboration: Create together and get to know colleagues in a new way
  • Well-being: Free up thinking in an inspiring environment away from the daily routine
  • Play, experiment and have fun in a relaxed, creative atmosphere

Who it is for

Teams or participants from different teams from private or public organisations at any hierarchy level, who want to inspire creativity, foster collaboration and boost well-being. No artistic experience required. Workshops are ideal for team events, away-days, motivational off-sites, well-being programmes… contact us to discuss your needs.

What participants say

“Awesome creative fodder. Great facilitators. Time well spent.“
“Challenging me to think differently, look at the world differently.”
“Great to stretch the creative muscle and work collaboratively.“
“A great break from the 9 – 5, but with a chance to reflect on how you do things within the 9 – 5 (collaboration, reflection, processing, interpretation, communication).”


ArtWorks© creativity workshops are a collaboration of InsightUnlocked with artist Sam Melser and arts educator/curator Shari Lett.

Sam Melser is a practicing artist with over 20 years experience, who has exhibited in New Zealand, France and Germany. He holds a Masters’ Degree in fine art from Bordeaux University, France, and a PhD from EHESS, Paris. He is passionate about sharing the different techniques and approaches he has developed over the years. For Sam, art is a tool for social cohesion and a practical and distinctive method used to understand creativity.

Shari Lett is an educator, curator and project manager. She holds a Bachelor of Art Theory and has developed and delivered creative projects for the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Goulburn Regional Art Gallery and Goulburn Correctional Centre and was Studio Manager for artist Ben Quilty. She currently works with former refugee, migrant and local youth at The Mixit Charitable Trust.  Shari is committed to creating meaningful connections between people and the arts.

What inspired this collaboration?

At ArtWorks we have a passion for art, we believe in its value to society and we love sharing art and artists’ skills to inspire people and give them creative confidence. Creative potential is within everybody – let’s unlock it.  

Download the information leaflet or get in touch to find out more.