Tear up the audience rulebook ©

Take a transformational approach to placing audiences at the centre of your organisation

In times when audiences are shifting and the relevance of cultural organisations is challenged, this workshop programme offers a different approach for placing audiences at the centre of your organisation for the long term.

Tear up the audience rule book and – with our “7 dimensions of audience focus” and interactive workshop activities including a unique card game – discover:

  • What is holding you/your organisation back from placing audiences at the centre?
  • What does ‘good’ look like across the 7 dimensions of audience focus?
  • What questions to ask and conversations to have in order to start the shift to placing audiences at the centre?

Who it is for

Cross-functional groups from one organisation or individuals from a mix of organisations, who want to rethink their approach to audiences.

What participants say

“… caused a few lightbulb ‘Eureka’ moments”
“… gets you thinking and sparks thoughtful and meaningful conversations between colleagues”
“Thought provoking”
“Loved the cards, as an exercise, it created open discussion and ideas, narrowed down the issues at hand”
“Great opportunity to bring different strands of the organisation together and develop some shared vision about our audiences”


Tear up the audience rule book© is a collaboration of InsightUnlocked with Sally Manuireva Consulting. Presented at AMaGA 2019 , the Australian Museums and Galleries Association conference, and at Nui te kōrero 2019, Creative New Zealand’s annual capability building event.

Tear up the audience rulebook with us! For more information download the information leaflet and get in touch for an initial conversation.