Artists – or people who want to make art

Where Grayson Perry’s creative interest came from

Reading an interview with the artist Grayson Perry, I enjoyed his response to the question where his creative interest came from.

“It came from that old-fashioned idea of liking making things. I used to say to students. I’m not interested in people who want to be artists, I’m interested in people who want to make art. I don’t like the idea that there’s a role out there already made for you. No, the role you end up with comes from the things you want to make; that’s how you find your place in the world. There isn’t a predetermined hole in the world out there for you as ‘an artist’, you have to make the world fit around you.”

Grayson Perry

The approach resonated with me – not just in relation to art and artists, but to whatever we do in life.

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