Building community connection in retail

Arts organisations are focusing more on local audiences in light of current travel restrictions. The competitive retail sector is also discovering small and local.

This community orientated project by Nike in China is trying to turn brand fans into engaged and loyal communities. Using Nike ‘member’ (app users) insights and real-time sporting moments from Nike-backed events in the local area, the new store concept is “giving local fans access to weekly sports activities, in-store workshops and events such as weekly basketball games and football matches, hosted by Nike-affiliated athletes, experts and influencers based in the city.”

With the growth of online shopping stores need to offer more relevant experiences and connect with digital. To me this concept also highlights how competition for people’s leisure time is growing in many places. We are often concerned with competition in our own field (the other cultural organisations around us) and forget that we are competing for people’s time, which they can spend in many different ways.

Image: Nike Rise, Guangzhou on

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Author: sabine.doolin

Strategy consultant working with the cultural sector

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